Water Aid

With over 800,000 people dying from water-related illnesses each year, unsafe water is the single biggest obstacle to the progression and health of communities in the developing world.

It’s easy to forget how vital water is to our lives. It’s also easy to forget that in some parts of the world, having access to tap water is a luxury. Akkaraipattu Kuwait provides clean, safe water to disadvantaged communities in the country. We look for the most effective way to source water in any given location, and then we work to get the water to those in need. we strive to provide the gift of water to the communities who need it the most.

Many of our Water Aid programs also involve awareness-raising sessions to educate a community about safe water and hygiene. Whether you want to buy a village well or invest in a deep borehole, by supporting our Water Aid projects, every donation will ensure more people have access to clean water.

Types of AKKARAIPATTU KUWAIT Water Aid Programs

  1. Free Drinking Water Connection for Samurdi Holders
  2. Constructing Deep Well and Tube wells
  3. Tube Well
  4. Installation of Community Wells