Emergency Relief

Fighting poverty is never more difficult than in times of crisis. Disasters and conflict disrupt the lives of more than 500 million people every year. ”Akkaraipattu Kuwait” works has supported projects in the country, so we are able to respond to emergencies fast and make sure help gets to where it is needed most.

The first phase of ”Akkaraipattu Kuwait” response is to meet people’s basic needs, including food, water, sanitation, shelter and health care. ”Akkaraipattu Kuwait” emergency capacity – funds, resources, volunteers, staff and partner organizations – allows us to provide fast, effective assistance.

But our rapid emergency response is only the beginning. ”Akkaraipattu Kuwait” works with communities for the long term, to help rebuild lives and livelihoods, and to help communities reduce their vulnerability to similar events in the future.

Your generous donations will help us to reach more survivors during an emergency. They allow us to feed and hydrate more disaster-affected communities and keep them warm during the winter months.