Who we are

The ”Akkarapattu Kuwait Guarantee Limited” is a Sri Lankan–based Humanitarian and Community Development Organization. It is a non-political and non-profitable body working for the welfare of humanity. ”Akkaraipattu Kuwait Guarantee Limited” is well known for community development and Social Welfare activities in Puttalam district, of Sri Lanka. The registered with the Department of ”FOR INCORPORATION OF A COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE” Social Service Organization Act No.7 of 2007. Our Registration Number – GI.002.19.321

What we do?

”Akkarapattu Kuwait Guarantee Limited” (AKGL) works locally to alleviate the suffering of dispossessed people. Through generous donations, we’re able to make a difference and save lives. We provide Education, Livelihood Support, Water and Sanitation, Vocational Trainings, Orphans care, women and youth empowerment, rural development, and social cohesions.

 Where do we work?

”Akkarapattu Kuwait Guarantee Limited” is working in the Districts of Puttalam District, North Western Province of Sri Lanka